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Cyberflight Homeward Bound

a During the entire six hours you spend inside the storm, the hurricane specialists at the National Hurricane Center in Miami are flooded with weather data measured automatically by the aircraft every 30 seconds. Plugging this information into the NHC's computers can improve the forecast by up to 30%! The hurricane specialists are especially astounded by the dropwindsonde data, which reveals the central pressure dropped 37 millibars in 24 hours. Their new warnings prompt civil defense and other emergency managers across the Florida panhandle to speed up evacuations.

Thankfully, Dennis weakened significantly before making landfall near Pensacola, Florida. She still caused $1.15 billion dollars in damage and three U.S. deaths. Even "minimal" hurricanes can wreak incredible destruction and must be taken seriously.

Thanks for surviving your "Cyberflight Into the Eye"! We hope you enjoyed the trip--if you did, please tell your friends. We hope you'll accept this memento of your flight, a cyber-patch!!!

Just point to the patch, "right-click" your mouse, save the gif file, and display it proudly on your earned it!





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